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Immigrant Roots Building the Future

W.A. Rasic Construction was founded by Walter A. Rasic who was born in Dole, Herzegovina to Croatian parents. He left his family at an early age with the dream of escaping communist Yugoslavia. He made it as far as a German Work Camp where he spent three years learning the trade of installing waterlines. However, America’s pull was strong, and so was his ambition. Teaching himself English, Walter A. Rasic finally made it to America in 1961. He began his career working for a cousin of his who was an established pipeline contractor. To get ahead in life he also got a second job washing dishes at night.

In the early 70’s Walter started his own construction company and subsequently, in 1978, he incorporated into W.A. Rasic Construction. His three sons later joined him to further develop the family business. W.A. Rasic has become one of the largest privately owned utility contractors in the Western United States, completing more than 1,000 projects yearly with over 400 employees and sales in excess of 100 million dollars annually. The company’s foundation is firmly rooted in their family tradition with eyes looking towards the future.