W. A. Rasic Construction is proud of its nearly 40 years of constructing infrastructure projects throughout the Western States. With the ability to perform a $5,000 water service replacement, to constructing $90,000,000 infrastructure replacement projects, W. A. Rasic Construction stands as one of the most diverse self-performing contractors in the region. W. A. Rasic Construction has built its reputation upon the time-tested values of excellence and integrity.  These values are clearly seen in the products that our 400 member team delivers in conjunction with our clients on a daily basis.

Some of what we do:

  • Gas & Oil Pipelines, Pump & Compressor Stations, & Related Facilities
  • Paving & Roadway/Grading Improvements
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sewage Systems (piping, pump stations, treatment systems, security systems)
  • Storm Drain Systems (piping, pump stations, retention systems, re-use systems)
  • Structural Concrete Facilities
  • Underground Power & Communications Systems (duct banks, vaults, utility bridges )
  • Utility Tunnels
  • Water Systems (piping, pump stations, treatment systems, security systems)
  • Emergency Response for all Lines of Business (24/7/365 service)