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San Jacinto Sewer Project Phase II

Client: Eastern Municipal Water District

location: san jacinto, ca

Project Value: $9.8M

Project Description:  This project, which installed 3,500 linear feet of 27-inch Amitech polycerate pipe and 4,500 linear feet of 16- and 24-inch PVC sewer pipe, used both micro-tunneling and open cut installation at depths of up to 33 feet. W.A. Rasic Construction used beam and plate shoring for the micro-tunnel launch pits and a combination of trench shields and hydraulic jacks for the open-cut sections. There were five, 48-inch diameter micro-tunnel drives on the project; the longest was 800 feet. An extensive dewatering system was necessary to install the piping and it included more than 15,000 linear feet of 12-inch HDPE pipe, 460 well-points, and an onsite treatment system, all of which were maintained throughout the entire 17-month project duration. The scope also included extensive roadway and landscaping reconstruction.