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Kern River Access Road Widening at Powerhouse #1 and Forebay Walkway Replacement

Client: Southern California Edison Company

Location: Bakersfield, CA

Project Value: $5M

Project Description:  There were two parts to this project. First, the road widening portion that built two Hilfiker Retaining Walls that measure 4,112- and 7,624 square feet at heights of 23 feet. Construction of the walls required extensive rock excavations and importing 12,000 cubic yards of certified import fill material. The walls were constructed directly adjacent to the Kern River and required coordination and permitting through the U.S. Department of Forestry and Pacific Gas & Electric. We implement extensive SWPPP measures and monitored them daily. The part also involved considerable traffic control due to the proximity of the work site to the state highway. W.A. Rasic also completed extensive roadway demolition and restoration, placed new curbs and gutters, and installed a new stormwater system. The second part of the project, the Forebay Walkaway Replacement replaced the hydroelectric service walkway that is 880 feet up on the side of a steep mountainside. Due to the location of the work, W.A. Rasic used helicopter air support and a tiny tram system to support the construction efforts. The critically damaged walkway was demolished and replaced with a new structure. For the new walkway, major rock excavations were required. and due to the location, were performed by hand. We placed 638 cubic yards of concrete using a helicopter (more than 2,000 helicopter lifts). An additional 3,000 linear feet of walkway, handrail, and related appurtenances were also delivered and set via helicopter.