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Joint Outfall “C” Unit I Relief Trunk Sewer, Phase II

Client: Los Angeles County Sanitation District


Project Value: $31M

Project Description:  This project was constructed to alleviate sewage flow issues in an undersized and outdated trunk sewer main. W.A. Rasic Construction installed 7,800 linear feet of 90-inch T-lock rubber gasket reinforced concrete pipe (RGRCP) via a 12-foot diameter rib and lagged tunnel at depths ranging from 28 to 50 feet, for the Los Angeles County Sanitation District, the City of Los Angeles, and the City of Carson. The work required extensive shoring for the tunnel access shafts. W.A Rasic installed large-scale concrete Junction structures, angle structures, and manholes. The largest concrete element was a 12 cubic yard cast onsite structure that weighed approximately 24 tons and was set in place with a 350-ton crane. Prior to placing the concrete structure, we set a section of concrete pipe that weighed 60 tons. This, as well as other structures, was set in place while the sewer was actively in use. The scope also required that we relocate multiple petroleum pipelines, including a: 

  • 10-inch jet fuel line for the United States Air Force
  • 16-inch line for Vopak
  • 8-inch line for Exon Mobile
  • 12-inch line for Tesoro
  • 10-inch line for Shell
  • 12-inch line for KMEP
  • 6-inch line for BP
  • 6-inch line for Paramount

W.A. Rasic Construction forces relocated the pipelines around our large-scale pits. This multi-phased project required significant traffic control measures and extensive pavement restoration.