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Joint Outfall “C” Unit I Relief Trunk Sewer, Phase I

Client: Los Angeles County Sanitation District


Project Value: $21.5M

Project Description:  To alleviate potential issues caused by corrosion, the District decided to replace this 1950s pipe to enable District to handle increased flows and reduce the likelihood of service disruption. The project scope involved installing 5,600 linear feet of 90-inch T-lock rubber gasket-reinforced concrete pipe at depths ranging from 28 to 33 feet for the Los Angeles County Sanitation District, the City of Los Angeles, and the City of Carson. Open-cut installation totaled 1,200 linear feet and the 12-foot diameter rib and lagged tunnel section were 4,400 linear feet. The project required multiple shoring methods for both open-cut and tunneling operations. The scope included installing large-scale concrete junction structures, angle structures, and manholes, all cast onsite. W.A. Rasic also relocated a 10-inch United States Air Force jet fuel line and an 8-inch Conoco Phillips line to clear the work area.