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SR 91 HOV Project

Client: AT&T

Location: Riverside, CA

Project Value: $1.9M

Project Description:  This California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) project built one high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane, also called a carpool lane, in each direction of State Route 91 (SR-91) from Adams Street to the 60/91/215 interchange in the City of Riverside. This widening project included reconstructing the 14th Street bridge and widening the on and off-ramps at 14th Street along with other road and ramp modifications. The AT&T infrastructure within the 14th Street bridge was also impacted. AT&T contracted with W.A. Rasic Construction to reroute the existing communication lines, including fiber optic lines, to allow for the demolition of the 14th Street bridge. The relocation was accomplished by installing a new conduit system underneath SR-91. With very limited work area, W.A. Rasic Construction performed an approximately 500-foot horizontal directional drill (HDD) of a 28-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) casing to a depth of 40 feet below grade and hit a precise location between an existing highly traveled roadway and the future freeway retaining wall. Prior to the start of the HDD, we completely fused the HDPE casing section above ground. Upon completion of the HDD, it was pulled back into the newly drilled hole during a single 14-hour shift. Subsequently, we installed 12, four-inch PVC conduits inside the HDPE casing. Additional work included installing numerous manholes and 12 additional four-inch PVC duct banks, intercepting existing communications conduits, restoring associated paving and other improvements, and placing and monitoring traffic control measures.