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Carson 48-inch Trunk Sewer Leak

Client: Los Angeles County Sanitation

Location: Carson, CA

Project Description:  Under an “On Call Emergency Contract”, W.A. Rasic Construction responded to a major sewer emergency, where a section of 48-inch reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) collapsed, resulting in a significant release of raw sewage to the adjacent flood channels and ocean. Employing multiple crews, W.A. Rasic Construction worked around the clock through the New Year’s Day holiday, performing excavation and shoring to a depth of 19 feet adjacent to a building and freeway off-ramp, coordinating sewer bypassing, performing extensive debris removal from inside the pipe, and ultimately repairing the pipe. The piping repair involved expediting the fabrication and shipping of 36-inch Hobas fiberglass reinforced pipe (FRP). We used approximately 200 feet of Hobas FRP to slip-line inside the existing 48-inch RCP, we grouted the annular space via non-conventional single-portal techniques and then closed in with structural concrete. The work was completed over a five-day period and involved approximately 30 W.A. Rasic Construction team members and numerous pieces of equipment.