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Fuel Pipeline Relocation – Rosecrans Avenue

Location: El Segundo, CA

Project Description: The scope of work involved replacing and relocating 4,885 linear feet of 16-inch carbon steel pipeline (.250 wall), located in a major arterial street in El Segundo, California. The 4,885 linear feet of 16-inch pipe was installed via open cut trench and using extensive hydraulic shore jacks backed with plywood and steel traffic plates to allow the entire roadway to be turned back to traffic during non-working hours. One hundred percent of the trench was backfilled with slurry and the asphalt roadway was replaced. Ultimately half of the roadway was completed with a two-inch asphalt grind and cap. W.A. Rasic purged six miles of the active pipeline using nitrogen to evacuate all existing products in the pipeline prior to the tie-ins and blowdown. Tie-ins were completed in a single 16-hour shift using two crews working simultaneously to minimize the downtime of this critical pipeline and to mitigate the noise impact in the surrounding residential neighborhood. Approximately 4,800 linear feet of existing 16-inch carbon steel pipeline was mud-jacked with petroleum grout to safely abandoned it in place.