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CPUC Mobile Home Park Utility Transfer Program

Location: Southern California

Project Description: As part of a California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) mandate to transfer control of gas and electric systems in mobile home parks back to the local serving utilities, W.A. Rasic Construction was selected as one of the first contractors to participate in the CPUC’s pilot program. Typical mobile home park conversion projects included installing electrical infrastructure systems (conduit and junction boxes) and PE gas lines underground via open cut. Most of the underground installations were constructed in a joint trench with electrical and gas in the same trench. Individual service meters for each residence were installed, removing old-fashioned centralized “master” meters. The modern, individual meters allow residents to control their own energy usage. After the utility infrastructure was installed and tested, it was connected to the existing utility infrastructure and brought online, and the old system was abandoned in place. Associated pavement restoration as well as restoration at the individual mobile homes were included.