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Barstow Bio / Renewable Diesel Project

Location: Barstow, California

Project Description:  This project was critical to increase the delivery of renewable fuels (carb diesel and biodiesel) in the Barstow, California area to meet the market’s increasing demands. Key project components included installing new pumps, filters, and blending equipment, along with more than 1,000 linear feet of above-grade and underground fuel piping with insulation and a heat trace system, ranging in size from two to eight inches in diameter. Modifications to existing piping were needed for renewable, carb diesel, and biodiesel storage and blending at an existing fuel delivery terminal. Additional elements of work included installing extensive structural steel to support the new system and constructing equipment pads, 11 concrete containment structures, and a 135-foot concrete truck offloading lane (total project structural concrete was 635 cubic yards). Extensive asphalt roadway paving and related improvements were also included.