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Central Utility Plant Replacement Project P3

CLIENT: California State University Fresno


Project Value: $49M

Project Description:  To replace an aging central utility plant (CUP) and failing distribution piping network, California State University Fresno selected Noresco as the design-builder on this public-private partnership (P3) project. W.A. Rasic Construction performed design assistance and constructability reviews and after permits were secured, installed approximately 32,000 linear feet of underground hot water piping that ranged in size from three to 12 inches and approximately 30,000 lineal feet of chilled water piping that ranged from four to 16 inches in diameter. The underground hot water is a Perma-Pipe system that consists of an insulated carbon steel pipe, a leak detection system, approximately 100 direct buried hot water valves, 52 air release assemblies, and joint repair with the Perma-Pipe PUR Insulated Field Joint system. The underground chilled water system consists of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe system backfilled with Gilsulate insulating material, approximately 100 direct buried chilled water valves, and 56 air release assemblies. The project involved multiple work areas/phases with a maximum of five piping crews working simultaneously, extensive pedestrian access/detours since work was throughout the entire active campus, coordinating approximately 30 tie-ins (connection of over 100 individual pipes), and shutdowns with the campus and other subcontractors, as well as system chemical balancing. The scope also included replacing approximately 350,000 square feet of sod, 60,000 square feet of landscaping, 200 trees, and 60,000 square feet of asphalt, along with placing 4,800 cubic yards of concrete for sidewalks, roadways, and other improvements. The total construction duration was 18 months.