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LATC Intermodal Facility Modernization Project

CLIENT: Union Pacific Railroad

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

Project Value: $15M

Project Description:  During this two-year-long project, W.A. Rasic Construction installed approximately 17,000 linear feet of 12- to-60-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, and reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) storm drain piping, nearly 100 manhole structures, 42,000 linear feet of eight-inch PVC underdrains for railroad track, and an 800,000 cubic foot underground precast storm drain structure and related elements. We also modified and expanded an existing eight-inch industrial waste system and installed more than 2,000 linear feet of eight-inch PVC gravity sewer line, 15,000 linear feet of four- and eight-inch domestic water and fire water lines with appurtenances, and an 8,500 linear foot, three-inch compressed air system. We also placed approximately one-half mile of polyethylene (PE) natural gas lines to provide upgraded service to multiple facilities. Work was performed in eight distinct phases to accommodate continuous rail operations.