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Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital

CLIENT: United States Navy (Clark/McCarthy JV)

LOCATION: Oceanside, CA

Project Value: $5M

Project Description:  This hospital complex was constructed under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. W.A. Rasic Construction installed site utility systems throughout the 70-acre facility. Our scope consisted of installing approximately 30,000 linear feet of four- through the 12-inch domestic water system, fire water, and recycled water piping and associated facilities; and 4,000 linear feet of six- through the 24-inch pipe for the sanitary sewer system that included 31 manholes and related structures. The sanitary sewer system also included approximately 2,500 linear feet of sewer main, which we placed via the pipe bursting method using TT Technologies Grundoburst equipment in five individual bursts, increasing the pipe from 10 to 15 inches. Another section of 2,100 linear feet of 18-inch cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner was installed as part of the sewer line rehabilitation. We constructed a 135,000-gallon precast sewage storage tank to allow for sewage capacity in the event of an emergency. The stormwater system involved installing 5,600 linear feet of new HDPE drainage pipe up to 48 inches in diameter; a storm drains lift station; and 87 storm drain catch basins, inlets, and manhole structures (both cast-in-place and precast). Installation was predominantly through open-cut excavations with some other sections requiring horizontal directional drilling. The project was completed six months early and received multiple industry awards, as well as earning LEED Gold Certification.