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California State University San Bernardino Utility Infrastructure Upgrades

CLIENT: CSU San Bernardino

LOCATION: San Bernardino, California

Project Value: $8M

Project Description:  W.A. Rasic Construction constructed site utilities – chilled water, gas, hot water, sewer, and storm drain for this multi-phased expansion project completed on an active campus. The scope included installing approximately 910 linear feet of six-inch welded steel insulated hot water supply and return lines and 16-inch fused high-density polyethylene (HDPE) insulated chilled water supply and return lines to supply a new student housing building on the California State University San Bernardino campus. While we were on site, the client asked W.A. Rasic Construction to upgrade several of their existing utility systems. These upgrades included installing 5,860 linear feet of one- to six-inch fused medium density polyethylene (MDPE) natural gas lines and 15 aboveground rotary gas meter assemblies; 1,800 linear feet of eight- and 10-inch fused HDPE sewer lines along with related structures; 900 linear feet of 18- and 30-inch reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) storm drain lines; and 950 linear feet of six- and 12-inch domestic water lines, including 26 new water isolation valves that ranged in size from two to 12 inches. W.A. Rasic Construction also replaced 1,575 linear feet of sewer lines with new eight-and 10-inch fused HDPE sewer piping, which required sewer bypasses to avoid interrupting sewer services to numerous campus buildings. All work was performed on an open campus while the school was in session, requiring intensive coordination between construction crews and campus staff to minimize the impact on students and staff.