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Berth 200 Rail Yard – Site Utility Relocations/Installations

CLIENT: Port of Los Angeles

LOCATION: Port of Los Angeles

Project Value: $18M

Project Description:  W.A. Rasic Construction relocated multiple product pipelines and installed new site utilities throughout this 28-acre complex. We installed approximately 18,000 linear feet of piping, most of which was installed below sea level, requiring that we design, construct, and maintain extensive groundwater dewatering systems throughout the project. In total, we pumped more than 22 million gallons of groundwater to be able to install the site utilities. W.A. Rasic constructed: 

  • 1,900 linear feet of four-inch welded steel pipeline for hydrogen
  • 1,500 linear feet of one-inch HDPE natural gas distribution pipeline
  • 1,900 linear feet of six- and four-inch welded steel pipelines for nitrogen
  • 1,900 linear feet of two- to 12-inch welded steel pipelines for petroleum
  • 2,000 linear feet of four- to 12-inch waterlines
  • 8,200 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) for storm drain that ranged from six to 36 inches in diameter and were placed at depths of up to 17 feet

We also constructed 42 concrete cast-in-place storm drain structures, refurbished, and modified one storm drain pumping station, constructed a sewage lift station with a dual pump system that was installed at a depth of 25 feet, and abandoned 6,900 feet of the pipeline using mud jacking.